Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New York Knicks

'The religion here is sport!' If my love for New York City hasn't become clear yet, id like to think its present through these photos i took whilst at a Knicks game. Ive picked out my two favourites to show you, after all i did take millions! After pushing through the crowds of fans at Madison Square Garden, grabbing a super size diet coke, 'small' bag of dunkin' donuts, finally settling into our seats and rummaging through my bag for the battered 5 year old digital camera, i was using (where the battery's kept annoyingly failing) i was ready to get some shots of the game. The atmosphere was buzzing, lights and music shot through the arena and supportive chants had already begun. I began straight away, the best shots i got (as shown here) were taken before the game had even begun, showing the exciting environment and support and love the fans have for their team. Although i would have tourist style, taken the shots anyway, i actually went on to use them in response to a photography project at college, themed the beautiful 'religion' of sport.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Alice In Wonderland

'Alice In Wonderland' These photos taken, ironically of my friend Alice, were created in response to a brief entitle Time. It was the first time id used a photo studio with lighting and other equipment to capture the shots. It was a great day, with funny props and proved to be a giggle. I was really pleased with the end shots and digitally altered only a handful of the photos. The images are an evil approach to the loved children's tale, by Lewis Carrol, who was supposedly on hallucinating drugs when he wrote the story. I have tried to represent this by the light used and the angles and lenses used also. Check out the link below to view the full album!! http://s450.photobucket.com/albums/qq222/victoriamary/Alice%20In%20Wonderland/

'it's all about me!' (helvetica style)

"it's all about me!'' I created this design at college, for an entry design to advertise the Art and Design end of year show. I combined text and image, using Helvetica cutouts with the images of my fellow students who's work was displayed in the end of year show. Unfortunately this design wasn't chosen, but i loved creating the design and taking the photos used was fun in itself! 'Pose guys....' I got my inspiration for this design wandering around Times Square, ankle deep in snow over Christmas 2007. As the 'arty one' out of the group of friends i was holidaying with i found my self more interested in visiting the art gallery's and the attractive text that kept appearing on the subway signs than shopping!
Oblivious to the museum exhibitions at the time, I visited the MOMA where a huge exhibition was celebrating 50 years of Helvetica, then continued on to the Guggenheim where the gallery was taken over by an exhibition by Richard Prince in which a large amount of his work displaying whitty jokes, typed in Helvetica. Aside from the sunset view from the Empire State building, visiting these two exhibitions was definatly the high point of my holiday. http://www.moma.org/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?id=4506
After reterning to college i had ideas flowing for my 'it's all about me!' designs. And after much development i finished the brief with a selection of brightly coloured, Helvetica image based designs!!