Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brilliantly Bloody British DaHLINGG!

In the word's of Facebook..... I 'LIKES' This!!

'When the deadline looms and an apparently insurmountable mountain of work lies between me and the first sleep I've had in days, there's only one thing to do: slap on the headphones and crank the drum 'n' bass up to 11. Even when the sugar rush from countless chocolate bars is fading and the caffeine hits don't seem to work anymore, there's something about the pounding rhythm that provide just enough energy to get over the crest of the 4am lull. Four in the morning is typically the lowest ebb, when the bird's first decide to remind you that the day is just around the corner, and your eyelid's feel like unstoppable boulders rolling down a mountainside.' Very descriptive of how life is at the moment.....STUDIO, STUDIO, STUDIO!!